DENVER- Baceline Investment’s office overlooks the Cherry Creek trail on Speer Boulevard. Employees say they’ve seen the problems on the trail, heroin use and deals, increase in the last year, to the point where some of them have decided to stop using the trail to commute.

As a part of Denver Days, about 25 of those employees partnered up with the Denver Police Department and Parks and Recreation to clean-up the area on Wednesday.

“It’s terrible for the city’s image when it’s such an integral part of what tourists see and do when they come to conventions downtown,” said Craig Zoellner, with the volunteer group.

The volunteers spent several hours on the banks of the trail, bagging dozens of bags of trash, and roughly a hundred used needles. The hazardous material bucket became too full and the volunteers began dropping syringes into empty water bottles.

“I hope this gives us a little more compassion in understanding the individuals that are around our building and insight into what DPD is dealing with,” said volunteer Kayla Sterner. “What saddens me is seeing the way this has become a lifestyle choice and accepted by a lot of these people. They don’t want to seek help and that is disheartening,” she said of the addicts who flock to the trail to buy heroin.

The Denver Police Department assisted the group, making sure that they remained safe on the trail that has an increasingly negative reputation.

“We can’t do it alone. The Denver Police Department cannot do it alone. We need community involvement. We need different groups,” said DPD Sgt. Kim Lovato who joined the group to pick up trash. “The bike riders, people who use the trail have been so thankful, giving shout outs.”

The group wants to get more people in their building involved in future cleanups, in hopes of making the area a more usable, safe, and clean trail once again.