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Why there's a Colorado P.O. Box listed on that viral border wall GoFundMe page

A GoFundMe to help build President Donald Trump's border wall was started by a man in Florida. But there's an address to send checks to a P.O. box in Castle Rock, Colorado.

A GoFundMe campaign titled "We The People Will Fund The Wall" has raised over $13 million and counting to build President Donald Trump's border wall.

The campaign was started by veteran Brian Kolfage, a Purple Heart recipient and triple amputee who lives in Florida.

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But, an address listed on the donation site that invites potential donors to send checks to a P.O. Box in Castle Rock has raised questions about the validity of the campaign.

That's why the owner of that P.O. Box told 9NEWS she wants to come forward, end the mystery and move on.

Amanda Shea and her husband Tim live in Castle Rock and said they helped create the GoFundMe with Kolfage.

According to Shea, she met Kolfage three years ago and eventually developed a conservative news website with him. 

When Kolfage had the idea to set up a GoFundMe to help fund the border wall, Shea said she was immediately on board.

"He is just the face of it, because he's really good at that, and I do a lot of the backend stuff," Shea said during a Skype interview.

Shea said they started to get a lot of requests for an address to send checks and decided to create the P.O. Box in Colorado.

"He [Kolfage] is a triple amputee veteran. For him to get out and run all these errands and stuff is really not that feasible for him," Shea explained. Plus my husband and I are more focused on the backend stuff, so we said, 'no problem, we'll set it up'."

Shea said the checks that are being sent are made out to either Brian or the fund, so she would not be able to cash them herself, even if she wanted to.

The GoFundMe total does not include the amount contributed in these checks. Shea also said she has not been to the P.O. Box yet to pick up checks so does not know how many have been sent in. 

According to Shea, they have been in contact with the White House to ensure the donations can be used on a border wall, but she did not say who at the White House she communicated with. She tells 9NEWS that if the wall isn't built, they want to refund everyone's money.

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