The pastor posed an open-ended offer at Mission Hills Church in Littleton on Monday night: If you wanted to talk about the fallen Douglas County deputy Zackari Parrish, please step up to the podium.

His wife, Gracie, addressed the crowd near the beginning of the vigil, sharing a few emotional words.

"I am overwhelmed with by the love and support of the community and of the nation. Never in my world would I have imagined this," Gracie began through tears. "And I will raise my girls to love you."

She also asked for stories: "I want to hear about him, and I want to soak it in."

"It's OK momma, it's OK," whispered their 4-year-old daughter in her ear. "Just be happy."

And so the happy stories just kept coming.

"I remember roll call and I'd be like, what are you doing tonight Parrish?" Said one of his former colleagues with the Castle Rock Police Department.

Parrish would reply, "Whooeee someone's going to jail tonight!"

Every person who spoke said Parrish never stopped, not even on the 10th hour of a shift.

"Zack didn't have an off switch," said another former colleague.

He still didn't stop on his very last day when he walked into an apartment trying to help someone, and got shot and killed instead.

"He didn't flinch, he didn't back down, he didn't hesitate," said Parrish's sergeant with the Douglas County Sheriff's department, David Buyers.

Zack was killed early Sunday morning by an ambush shooter at a Highlands Ranch apartment complex. He leaves behind not only Gracie, but also two young daughters.

"He went to a call to help someone that killed him," said Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock. "He went there to help that guy."

His fellow deputies and officers say he had a calling to do this job, but his first calling was always God and his family.

The men and women that spoke will step up not just at this church, but for Gracie and the girls the rest of their lives.

"He was our brother, and you are now our sister her and forever," another officer said.

They will keep going for Parrish.

"I know we are all looking for a model officer, and that's Zack Parrish," said Castle Rock Police Chief Jack Cauley. "I'd take a hundred of them. Rest in peace."

If you would like to help the Parrish family, here's how you can.