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At Bob's Diner, a hug and a free meal for anyone impacted by the Marshall Fire

The diner is a Louisville staple, but breakfast conversations were different on Friday morning.

LOUISVILLE, Colo. — The sign on Bob's Diner in Louisville read open for the first time in a week on Friday, but they weren't open for business; they were open for community. 

Everything anyone ordered was free. 

"Just trying to get a little hot comfort food out to those who need it and unfortunately, it’s the whole community that needs it," said Trevor Thiele, the son of Bob, who passed the diner on to him eight years ago. 

Bob lived in Florida while he and his wife built a home in Erie, but his heart was in Louisville, so he flew back.

"We had to back to come in here and give hugs and say hi," said Bob. "Nothing else we can do." 

While his son Trevor cooked the pancakes and breakfast burritos, Bob walked around to every table to check-in. 

"Did your house make it?" He asked the couple in the corner. 

"No," said Nick and Katie Ferrington. 

"Now I need a hug, I'm gonna cry," said Bob. 

That's how many interactions went on Friday morning. Hugs and tears. But then, laughter. 

The Ferrington's told Bob the story of how they slept in an RV on their Spanish Hills neighborhood property for months while they built their forever home. They did a lot of the work themselves. 

“We said never again," laughed Nick. "And God has a sense of humor." 

As Bob checks in with the next table, Katie and Nick get back to their list of items in their house to give to the insurance company. 

Many families have conversations about what they lost, and Bob's Diner hopes to show them they still have support. 

“It's about this, and it’s not even about the food," said Bob. "It's about people being able to get together a little bit." 

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