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Facebook group helps Marshall Fire victims find temporary housing

More than 1,500 people have joined to offer help or ask for help.

COLORADO, USA — With hundreds of homes burned to the ground in the Marshall Fire, one of the biggest needs for people right now is housing.

Two realtors in the Denver metro area started a Facebook group called "Marshall Fire Housing Needs and Availability" to help victims find a place to stay. It has grown more to more than 1,500 followers since Friday.

Shannon Schliep and her friend Amanda Divito Parle are trying to make this difficult process a little easier. 

"Not having a place to live, shelter, one of the basic essentials, has got to be very scary," Divito Parle said.

This is a place for people to offer help and for people to ask for help. This connection can mean everything when someone has lost everything. 

One family on the Facebook page wrote, "Needing an immediate rental for my husband, myself, and our two kids ages 5 and 7. Preferably in the Boulder/Louisville/Lafayette/Broomfield area as they both attend Superior elementary."

This is a hardship Schliep's family really gets. Her in-laws and friends lost their homes in the East Troublesome Fire. She said one of the biggest hurdles has been finding temporary housing.

"With this fire, I think the housing need is going to be greater than it was up in Grand Lake," Schliep said.

Her family's personal experience is one of the biggest reasons why she decided to start this page. 

"As of now I only know two people who have moved back into their homes that they have rebuilt, so this is becoming a year, two year, three year process for people," Schliep said. 

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These realtors have dedicated their lives to finding people a place to live. 

"For me, this was easy to say 'gosh, people need a place to live,'" Divito Parle said. 

Now they're matching survivors with neighbors who want to help do that too. 

"There is no doubt this is going to take a village," Divito Parle said. 

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