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Family who lost 5 homes in Old Town Superior preparing to rebuild

The Chavez family lost five homes belonging to different relatives. On Sunday, they began sorting through the debris.

SUPERIOR, Colo. — A family with roots of 80 years in Old Town Superior is already considering their plans for rebuilding on their property.

The Chavez family lost five homes belonging to different relatives. Three were on Second Avenue and the other two properties were adjacent. 

On Sunday, the family began sorting through what is left of the homes and trying to salvage what they could from the debris. 

"You kind of think that you are going to be able to find something. There's really just not much at all," Vicki Hawkins said.

Vicki was helping her siblings and father sort through debris. She was able to salvage a few meaningful items, including jewelry and dishware from her late mother. 

"So much is just so unrecognizable. It’s just so weird," she said. "This is my first time being here. I wasn’t here before today. It’s just mind-blowing." 

The family is preparing to clear the rubble and debris as quickly as possible. They are currently waiting on the city to give them more guidance on how to safely remove potentially hazardous waste from their property.

"There's a lot to go through," Vicki's brother Trevor Chavez said.

He came out to help his family begin measurements on the property to start ordering and purchasing materials for the rebuild--materials that may be in short supply. 

Right now, the Chavez family is focusing on gathering plumbing equipment. 

"I have a contracted plumber that says we need to order our plumbing as soon as possible because there is a shortage on plumbing. So we are trying to get ahead of the game, get some measurements down and get it taken care of," said Ted Chavez, father of Vicki and Trevor.

"I don’t want it to be a problem in the end. If we get the house up and we don’t have no plumbing, because then we have homes sitting here with no plumbing," Ted said. 

The family is working to find supplies and will wait on the city to learn their next steps for clearing the rubble and debris.

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