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Family who lost home in Marshall Fire raising money to help neighbors buy new mattresses

Liz Landwehr started a GoFundMe to help families buy new mattresses so they can feel comfortable while starting from scratch.

LOUISVILLE, Colo. — A family who lost everything in the Marshall Fire is still finding a way to help others. Liz Landwehr is raising money for her neighbors to buy new mattresses so they can feel comfortable as they start from scratch. 

Very few homes were spared in the Louisville neighborhood where the Landwehrs lived. Landwehr, her husband, and their 9-month-old baby lost nearly everything they owned. 

Support from their friends is helping them get through the difficult weeks and months ahead. 

"It has been incredibly humbling to see the amount of messages that we get on a daily basis," she said. "After we received a large amount of support for my little family -- just me and my husband, my 9-month-old, and dog -- we got our needs taken care of."

Landwehr now wants to share some of that love to her neighbors who are starting over too. She created a GoFundMe to help people buy new mattresses

"I just wanted to pivot and say I have a huge network of people willing to help, people wanting to help," she said. "How do you start building a home? A good night’s rest is a cornerstone. You really feel like you are at home when you are in your own bed."

Within three days, people have donated more than $12,000. She hopes to raise enough money to help 30 families. 

"All of us that have lost homes are going to end up in rentals for quite a long time, and there aren’t many furnished rentals out there," she said. 

Landwehr hopes to find a local partner, like a furniture store, that can help fire victims pick a new mattress. She hopes a store will then be able to ship the mattress to wherever the family finds a rental to live in.

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