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Family celebrates big step forward after their home burned down in the Marshall Fire

Nic and Katie Ferrington held a happy hour with their neighbors to celebrate the beginning of debris removal, marking the first step toward rebuilding.

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — It was an unconventional reason to pop champagne on Wednesday night, but neighbors on Panorama Drive gathered together because they all needed a reason to celebrate.  

“I will find any excuse to have happy hour," joked Nic Ferrington.

When Nic and Katie Ferrington lost their home in the Marshall Fire, it was hard to have hope, but the beginning of debris removal changes that. 

The family hired a private contractor, and the work to clear the ashes of their home began on Monday. 

"Here’s to taking the first step to rebuilding," Nic said while holding up a Champagne glass. "It’s real glass, you can just throw it at the house when you’re done." 

There are only a few homes standing on their road, and those neighbors, along with the ones who have been displaced, joined in on the celebration. 

"I’m so happy for you guys," said Yvonne Gates, whose home survived. “I’m ready for you guys to come back because it’s lonely down there." 

The contractors doing the work were invited too, and they even brought out a grill. 

The Ferringtons also got good news recently about their insurance claim. 

We had previously reported they were $800,000 underinsured, but after filing a complaint, insurance sided in their favor. 

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"And we just found out last Wednesday that they are upping our limits," said Katie. "It’s not like total replacement, but it’s more." 

That celebration though wasn't as sweet knowing many of their neighbors won't get that good news. 

"My neighbors over there, and these neighbors, they’re still all underinsured," said Nic. 

The process is not easy, but seeing the excavators and shovels is finally progress. 

"This is just exciting to get the journey going and thanks for sharing it with us," said Nic to the happy hour crowd. "And I hope we get to be a  part of all of yours too."


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