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After Marshall Fire, family fights to live in RV on burned lot

The Kupfners bought an RV to live in on their property, but after living in it for 30 days, the city told them they would have to remove it

SUPERIOR, Colorado — On top of losing everything in the Marshall Fire, a family in Superior now has to fight with the city over living on their property in an RV.

The Kupfners have lived in Old Town Superior for generations dating back to the mining days. They lost multiple homes and rental units, which were offered as affordable housing to long-term tenants. 

They had originally lived in a hotel for weeks after the fire. After living with dogs in a confined space, they knew that it wouldn't be a long-term solution. In turn, the family bought two RV's. 

Elizabeth Kupfner and her roommate live in one. Her mother and father live in a separate one. 

"Do I really want to pay 500 bucks a month for a camper when I would rather have my house? To me, it's at least home. It's not the best home. But it's something that I can afford and commute to my part-time job," said Elizabeth. 

Last Sunday, the family received three violations for parking their RV in an unpermitted spot. They were told they would have have seven days until Feb. 28 to remove the campers. 

On the 28th, the Kupfners went to public comment to ask for an exception. There will be a working session held tomorrow for council members to talk about a possible exception. 

"I can understand saying no RVs in a normal situation. On a normal day in a thriving society, but we are not that right now. We've lost everything. We don't have anything. There's not another option really for us," said Elizabeth. 

The family is hoping the city will make an exception. 

"I'd like to be optimistic and think at least some of them have compassion for us. Humanity hopefully is better than that, and realizing that these aren't normal circumstances," said Elizabeth. 

We did reach out to the mayor but he wouldn't provide any further information until tomorrow's work session. 

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