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Suspects accused of sparking Lake Christine Fire by using tracer rounds plead not guilty

The pair are facing arson charges for using tracer rounds at a firing range even though that type of ammunition was banned.
Lake Christine Fire

EL JEBEL, Colo. — The two people accused of sparking the Lake Christine that destroyed three homes and burned more than 6,700 acres near the town of El Jebel last summer have pleaded not guilty, according to Heidi McCollum with 5th Judicial District. 

Allison Marcus, 22, and Richard Miller, 23, are accused of using tracer rounds at a firing range even though that type of ammunition is banned at that range.

Credit: Eagle County Sheriff's Office
Richard Miller, 23 and Allison Marcus, 22.

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Tracer rounds are bullets or projectiles that are built with a small pyrotechnic charge in the base. They burn bright, which makes them visible to the naked eye during daylight and very bright during nighttime firing.

Marcus and Miller are facing charges for fourth-degree arson.

Miller's trial was set to begin on May 28 and Miller's was set to begin on June 17.

McCollum said they plan to file a motion to reschedule the trials to that they can happen at the same time.

The fire destroyed at least three homes before it was contained. 

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