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Team Rubicon delivers meals to first responders working on Marshall Fire

The veteran-led organization is working to make sure that first responders manning checkpoints and working to clean up the devastation have food to eat.

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo — Parts of Boulder County are still closed off to the public while other areas are only open to residents who live in the area. 

Police officers man check points all day long, while firefighters continue to work in the burn areas. It’s a huge effort that is made possible by volunteers helping to support them.

While hundreds of first responders work long days to keep people safe, Team Rubicon is making sure they also have something to eat.

"There’s about 400 first responders based out of here and we need to get them fed," said Tron Welch, the task force leader with Team Rubicon. 

The team is a veteran-led volunteer organization that responds to disasters around the world. In Colorado, their mission with the Marshall Fire is to provide food to first responders. 

"Nice to get a warm meal when they’re out sitting in the cold," said Bill Medina, one of the Team Rubicon volunteers, as he delivered food to sheriff's deputies at a road block in Superior. 

Volunteers like Medina work with Team Rubicon to cook and deliver the meals to roadblocks and fire trucks.

It’s a big task. For Welch, it’s not big enough.

"I need to be here," said Welch. "This is where I need to be on Team Rubicon, to support the people who have been supporting me."

Welch’s home is one of the lucky ones. The fire came up to the fence. If it wasn’t for the firefighters that night, he would’ve lost everything.

"The thing that resonates with me is that somebody that I don’t know risked their life in order to save my home," said Welch. "That’s not something that I can return that favor to."

Team Rubicon only has around 20 or so volunteers helping here right now. That’s all they say they need. They've had more than 300 sign up wanting to come out and give back to their community.

One meal at a time, a community says thank you.

"It allows me to repay some of that debt," said Welch. "I can never repay all of it."

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