With natural disasters already devastating much of the country and a massive hurricane barreling toward Florida, firefighters from across the country are coming together to help those in need.

Crews from various Colorado departments have been deployed to wildfires in Montana, Hurricane Harvey's aftermath in Texas, and now, Florida and Alabama where Hurricane Irma threatens to make landfall along the Florida coast.

Colorado Task Force 1

This special crew, made up of specially trained firefighters and paramedics from more than a dozen Colorado departments, has most recently been helping with disaster relief, urban search and rescue, and water rescues in Houston and Beaumont, Texas. The team is now being redeployed to Hurricane Irma.

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Denver Fire Department

Members of the Denver Fire Department were deployed with the Colorado Task Force 1 and the Urban Search and Rescue Team to Houston to help with swift water rescue.

Arvada Fire Department

The Arvada fire department sent crews to help with the Park Creek fire in Montana. Those who are sent are there for up to 14 days at a time before returning home. Four Arvada fire personnel were also sent to Texas to assist in search and rescue operations with Colorado Task Force 1.

Southeast Weld Fire Protection District

An engineer with the Southeast Weld Fire Protection District was deployed to Colorado, Nevada and California to help fight the wildfires in those areas. He has since returned home.

Fairmount Fire Protection District

Members of the Fairmount Fire Protection District have been in Oregon helping fight wildland fires in that state for the past month.

North Metro Fire Rescue District

The North Metro Fire Rescue District has sent crews to Steamboat Springs, Custer and South Dakota to fight fires in those areas. An engineer with the North Metro Fire Rescue District is also part of Colorado Task Force One and was deployed to Texas and is now headed to Florida to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

West Metro Fire Rescue

West Metro's Brush 11 crew has spent several days in Wyoming helping to fight the Deer Creek Fire. The were recently reassigned to the Deep Creek Fire near Hayden, Colorado. The department also has several members on the Colorado Task Force 1 crew.

City of Thornton Fire Department

The Thornton Wildland Crew is spending time near Medford, Oregon near Crater Lake National Park helping to fight the High Cascades Complex Fire. They also deployed divers to Texas to help with rescue efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Aurora Fire Rescue

Members of Aurora Fire Rescue are in both Oregon and Montana assisting crews with the wildfires there. Some of the fires they are working include the Lolo Peak Fire and the Tamarak Fire. They also have three members on the Colorado Task Force 1.

South Metro Fire Rescue

Several South Metro firefighters are heading to Alabama to get ready for the impact of Hurricane Irma. A few them were also already helping out in Texas with rescues after Hurricane Harvey. They will be working with a FEMA rescue team.

Crook Fire Protection District

A crew with the Crook Fire Protection District is in Missoula, Montana helping fight fires in that area.

Westminster Fire Department

Three members of the Westminster Fire Department are in Montana helping fight a few of the wildland fires burning there. They are currently assisting on the Sprague Fire west of Glacier. They also have a paramedic working with Colorado Task Force 1.

Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control

Crew members from the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control are in Oregon working to fight the Eagle Creek Fire.

Poudre Fire Authority

Crews from the Poudre Fire Authority have left for Montana to help fight the devastating wildfires in that area. Specifically, they are fighting the Rice Ridge Fire in the Lolo National Forest.

Colorado Spring Fire Department

Colorado Springs fire crews are in Texas helping with both rescue and humanitarian efforts following Hurricane Harvey. Recently, they have been running an evacuation center at the Jack Brooks Regional Airport near Port Arthur, Texas.

Mountain View Fire and Rescue

A group of firefighters with Mountain View Fire and Rescue has been in Oregon fighting the Chetco Bar Fire. The first crew was there for two weeks before another group came into relieve them. A lieutenant with Mountain View is also deployed with the Colorado Task Force 1.

Donald Wescott Fire Department

Members of this Colorado Springs fire department have been in Oregon for over three weeks helping to fire the wildfires there.

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