It's been 14 days since Douglas County Deputy Zack Parrish was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Eight days, since we told you Rachel Clawson started making a quilt for his family.

Now, people around the country have helped her do that.

If it's not the phone, it's the sewing machine. Going off, at all times around Rachel's home.

She has received over 100 patches from 20 to 50 law enforcement departments, "I lost count," she said.

"We're showing how big this law enforcement family is," said Rachel as she was sewing the gifted patches together with the donated pieces of fabrics.

She says she gets 15 to 20 e-mails a day, at least 5 phone calls a day and the Facebook messages don't seem to stop coming in all day.

Not to mention the letters.

"Rachel, it's a wonderful thing what you're doing for Deputy Parrish's family," read one letter. "We are honored to be able to send our patches and show our support."

Everyone who turned out for Rachel's quilt, the Parrish family, the Douglas County Sheriff's department... it's a testament that a tight knit community can get through anything.

"Thank you," said Rachel "To be able to say thank you and have the help of the community show that we can pull together in this unfortunate tragedy."

Rachel says she's trying to get to all the e-mails, calls and messages. If you don't hear back, she says, please keep trying.

She's making quilts for Gracie, Zack's wife, their two daughters and the Sheriff's department.

There's a lot of space to fill with patches, if you'd like to reach Rachel for a donation- click here.