A woman was swept downstream after falling into the St. Vrain River at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

This happened Wednesday about one mile from the Wild Basin trailhead. Kyle Patterson with the Rocky Mountain National Park says the 40-year-old woman from Tennessee slipped on wet rocks and was swept 150 yards downstream before she was able to pull herself up on a rock and log.

Patterson says Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue members were on scene at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. She says, those with the Estes Valley Fire Protection District – Dive and Swiftwater Rescue Team played a critical role in the rescue operation as well.

Crews were able to quickly get a life jacket and helmet to the woman. They then hiked to her location on the south side of the St. Vrain River and helped move her to shore.

She had to be carried out to the Wild Basin Trailhead. An ambulance met crews there and took the woman to the Estes Park Medical Center.

Rocky Mountain National Park officials want everyone to remember that the mountain streams can be dangerous. Visitors should keep their distance from the banks of streams and rivers. The rocks are slippery, and powerful currents can quickly pull a person underwater.