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10-year-old's secret hobby is helping sick kids

DENVER - A 10-year-old baseball player from the Littleton area knows a great ball player is well-rounded with interests off the field. He started a new hobby to help children.

Garrett Lowry is crazy about sports and spends many hours playing baseball. His teammates even have a nickname for him.

“Oh, Bam-Bam!" exclaimed a boy from the dugout.

“He’s on the go all the time," said Garrett's mom Sheryl Lowry.

“It takes two of us to take care of the one," said his father Don with a laugh.

His parents knew a few years ago there was something special about their son.

“Some people say it’s unusual, but it’s just a part of my life," said Garrett.

His teammates don’t know about his new hobby, but there is lot more to number 28 than being a ball player.

"Um, I don’t know what they would say," he said.

When not on the field, Garrett knits caps using a loom.

“These are for the babies right here," he said holding up a small loom. "These are for the bigger heads like the adults."

It started as a class project with the goal of making 15 caps, but he enlisted the help of his mom and grandma to make 50 caps for kids at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

“Going through that kind of thing might scare people, and I just want to make something that can make them more comfortable while they are in the hospital," said Garrett.

“Not only taught him some things but it teaches us some things too," said his father.

After a few months, his labor of love was ready for delivery to the kids at Children's Hospital.

Handmade gifts for kids from a kid, proving you’re never too young to make a difference.

“I want children to feel better about themselves. And feel that they are appreciated and that they’re loved," said Garrett.

He wants to continue helping sick children and plans to work with the Ronald McDonald House next.

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