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Bernie Sanders says he won't release more medical records

At a CNN Town Hall, Sanders also denounced anyone taking part in online harassment who claims to support him.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Tuesday he does not plan to release more details about his health following his heart attack last October.

Appearing in a CNN Town Hall, Sanders, 78, said he released three letters from doctors in December declaring he was in good health.

“I think we have released a detailed medical report and I’m comfortable on what we have done," Sanders said. When pressed on whether he would release more information, Sanders said, "I don't think we will. No" 

He also invited people to join him on the campaign trail to see if he is in good health, noting that he keeps a busy schedule.

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Sanders also denounced the online harassment from people claiming to be his supporters, who have been coined "Bernie Bros." Officials at Nevada's Culinary Union say they have been abused online by Sanders backers after the union sent out flyers claiming Sanders would end their health care.

Sanders has repeatedly said in recent days that he does not want the support of people conducting such harassment. He has suggested some of the online actors may not be people who actually support him.

"I do not believe in online bullying," he added. "End of discussion."

Sanders is likely to be pressed about these issues more during Wednesday night's debate in Las Vegas.

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