Owners of Ford and Lincoln vehicles may be eligible to receive up to $400 in a class-action lawsuit. 

The company settled the lawsuit surrounding its MyFord Touch infotainment system after numerous complaints from consumers.

The lawsuit alleges that certain Ford and Lincoln vehicles sold or leased before August 9, 2013 were equipped with defective MyTouch or MyLincoln systems. The systems would not respond to voice commands, connect to mobile devices, provide inaccurate navigation and freeze or crash. 

Although Ford has settled the lawsuit, the company denies any wrongdoing and says that the MyFord Touch is not defective. 

People who bought a Ford or Lincoln vehicle equipped with the MyFord technology from California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia or Washington are eligible to file a claim. 

Claim amounts will depend on the owner's experience with the system. Customers can file a claim for $100 if they've had their dealership repair the system once, $250 if they've had the system repaired twice, and $400 if they've had the system repaired three or more times. Customers that never visited the dealership for repairs to the infotainment system can still file a claim for $45. 

Customers who paid out-of-pocket for repairs within one year of their vehicle's warranty also have the option to file a claim for a full reimbursement. 

Claims can be filed on the MyFord class-action lawsuit website. The deadline to submit a claim is September 24.