Disney fans, history buffs and collectors will soon have the chance to bid on hundreds of rare Disneyland and Walt Disney World items.

Van Eaton Galleries will put over 1,500 historic pieces up for auction in a two day event starting Saturday, December 7, and ending Sunday, December 8. 

Some of the items being auctioned off include an original animatronic Small World Doll, a PeopleMover ride vehicle and memorabilia from iconic rides like Space Mountain. Hundreds of props, maps, documents and other collectibles available date back to the 1950s, and will be up for auction. 

Items that Disney used in his original pitch to gain financing for his Disneyland park will also be up on the auction block. These items include an original hand-colored map and descriptions that he used in the presentation. The 1953 Disneyland Prospectus is a WED file copy and is expected to get somewhere between $10,000 - $20,000 at auction.

Disneyland prospectus Van Eaton Galleries
1953 Disneyland Prospectus WED File Copy: Estimate $10,000 - $20,000
Van Eaton Galleries
Van Eaton Galleries Disney auction
Original Space Mountain Attraction Vehicle: Estimate $25,000 - $50,000
Van Eaton Galleries
Original PeopleMover Attraction Vehicle: Estimate $25,000 - $35,000
Van Eaton Galleries

The site Live Auctioneers will be accepting bids, and they say some items like an original Haunted Mansion stretched portrait, are expected to go for upwards of $150,000. 

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Haunted Mansion portrait
An original Haunted Mansion stretched portrait. One of items being offered with a higher starting bid of $90,000.
Van Eaton Galleries

Looking for something a little more affordable? Smaller items, including anniversary pins, are starting at around $20.

If you want to look at some of the items for yourself, a public exhibition of the items up for auction is open until December 6 at the Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, California.