Johnson & Johnston has agreed to pay nearly $117 million to settle litigation over its marketing of transvaginal surgical mesh devices, U.S. state attorneys announced Thursday. 

The settlement will be paid to 41 participating states and Washington, D.C. The multi-state investigation found Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Ethicon, "violated state consumer protection laws by misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of the devices and failing to sufficiently disclose risks associated with their use," according to a statement from the Iowa Attorney General's office. 

“For years, women have suffered debilitating symptoms and other serious problems after surgeons implanted these devices. The companies failed to adequately disclose the possible complications and risks,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said. 

Numerous women who had the once-popular, hammock-like devices implanted claim they caused severe pain, bleeding and infections. The devices are used to treat bladder issues and pelvic organ prolapse, where organs shift from their normal positions.

It comes as J&J is swamped with thousands of lawsuits claiming patients were harmed by products including baby powder, opioid painkillers and prescription drugs.

J&J said that the settlement doesn't include admission of any misconduct.