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Satan and 2020 find true love in viral Match.com ad

The courtship between the Devil and a year many want to forget includes an actual dumpster fire.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Satan has found his soulmate.

Her name is 2020.

That's the theme of a new Match.com ad that's gaining steam on social media.

The ad starts "11 months ago" with the Devil sitting on his underworld throne, bored, when he gets a notification on his phone.

"You're a match!" it says. The avatar for his potential love is an Asian giant hornet, also dubbed the "Murder Hornet."

Beelzebub is intrigued and meets his match under a bridge on a rainy day.

"Two-zero, Two-zero?" Satan asks.

"Please, call me 2020," the very human woman says as thunder and lighting go off around them.

Their courtship has a soundtrack: Taylor Swift's "Love Story." The singer confirmed actor Ryan Reynolds reached out to see about using part of her re-recorded song "for a LOLsome commercial he wrote." 

The commercial documents the Match.com couple's journey in some very 2020 scenes.

  • They have a picnic on the field of an empty football stadium (where the end zones are painted with "WTF").
  • They hit the local gym where every other treadmill is closed due to social distancing.
  • They're the only two enjoying a movie at the theater. 
  • 2020 makes off with an armful of toilet paper she steals from a public bathroom.
  • Satan fights to keep 2020 from pulling him into a church.
  • Then, they take a selfie in front of an actual dumpster fire.

"I just don't want this year to end," Satan says as meteors come crashing down to Earth.

"Who would?" 2020 responds.

As the title of the ad says, it's a match made in Hell.

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