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Online petition calls for Baby Yoda emoji

'He stole our hearts and now I want him to steal our keyboard space,' the petition reads.

Hear the internet's plea, Apple!

Since Disney+ launched its original "Star Wars" series, "The Mandalorian," the internet can't get enough of The Child — often referred to as Baby Yoda.

In the series, a Mandalorian bounty hunter is tasked with tracking down and capturing a 50-year-old target, who must be brought back alive. That target turns out to be The Child.

You may remember in 1980's "The Empire Strikes Back," we're first introduced to a 900-year-old Yoda, so the alien species clearly ages differently from humans.

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Trav B Ryan started a Change.org petition to make a Baby Yoda emoji.

"He stole our hearts and now I want him to steal our keyboard space," Ryan wrote.

He even provided specific scenarios of when the emoji is applicable:

  • "Your friend shares a pic of her new born baby? Respond with a cute little Baby Yoda emoji to show that you think her little rascal is cute beyond words."
  • "You're sick and your mom texts you 'do you want some soup?' Respond back with a cute little Baby Yoda to show her that your thirst for soup is insatiable."

As of Wednesday morning, the petition has more than 17,000 of its 25,000 proposed signatures.

Credit: Disney

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