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Whole Foods eliminating plastic straws

The company says it will cut plastic use by 400 tons this year through its recent moves to change packaging.

Whole Foods says it will get rid of plastic straws from its stores in the U.S., Canada and United Kingdom by July. The grocery chain claims it is the first national grocer to make the sweeping move.

The ban affects venues operated by Whole Foods including Allegro coffee bars, juice bars and cafes, according to a company statement. Customers will get paper straws with frozen drinks, or if they request one.

Customers with disabilities who need to use a plastic straw will still be able to get one, Whole Foods said.

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The company boasts that it will cut its plastic use by 400 tons this year. That comes through the straw ban, a recent switch to smaller plastic bags in its produce department, and replacement of hard plastic rotisserie chicken containers with new bags that use 70% less plastic.