If your phone number was on the National Do Not Call Registry but you still got a phone call from the Dish Network, you could get $1,200.

That's because of a telemarketing lawsuit brought against the satellite TV provider. A federal judge in North Carolina has ruled that the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Affected are 18,066 telephone numbers, which were phoned between May 11, 2010, and Aug. 1, 2011.

To find out if your number is among those eligible for $1,200, go to: https://kccsecure.com/dishclassaction-Lookup/Home/PhoneForm.

If it is, submit a claim by visiting: http://www.dishclassaction.com/submit-payment-form.aspx.

The claims period ends June 18.

In 2014, Thomas Krakauer sued Dish Network for making illegal telemarketing calls to his phone number, which was on the do-not-call list.