Big companies catch a lot of flak for doing bad things. They deserve to get that same attention for the good things they do, too.

Public Service Credit Union is a $2.3 billion organization but that didn't matter on Friday. Their community outreach team was focused on the veterans who need a little boost.

Hundreds of suits, accessories and shoes were available for veterans today - all for free. Almost 160 veterans have taken advantage of this opportunity, including Donell Jones or "DD."

Malcom Johnson is leading the Suits for Soldiers.

"I had a veteran come by yesterday, he grabbed a few suits and things and before he left, he came over and you can tell he was a little choked up and he wanted to thank me for having this event," said Johnson.

The unemployment rate for Colorado's veterans is nearly 6 percent - double the overall rate. That's also higher than the national unemployment rate for veterans.

As a part of the free makeover, Public Service Credit Union also had free resume and interview training.

Their plan is to keep this going. If you have anything you'd like to donate, take it to a Public Service Credit Union, tell them it's for Suit for Soldiers.