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Nutrition & plants: Turmeric


We all should be taking it. Chronic pain, brain fog, inflammation, even depression.. The powerful components in turmeric, curcumin specifically, should be utilized if you struggle with any of those ailments.

Tasting turmeric is the most effective way to get the benefits of it; studies show it is up to SIX TIMES more effective when you taste it!

Take a look at the list below of how I use it daily in easy ways:

1. Juice turmeric and take it like a shot! Straight turmeric is not a good taste, so mix in a little carrot or orange juice to help the flavor!

2. CURRY! Turmeric is the main spice in curry, and can be such a great way to spice up your chicken, beef, or ground turkey. Don't worry about making a full curry dish, just sprinkle in the curry to spice up your kabobs or marinate your meat this summer. If you want the full curry, simply add coconut milk to your choice of protein with diced up peppers, squash, and potatoes and add a plethora of curry spice to the pot.

3. GOLDEN MILK. Try this ancient practice recipe HERE. I make this with coconut milk or almond milk 1x a week, or their are now powders at the grocery store to make it easier for you than creating your own paste.

4. TEAS! There are so many herbal teas, including my Golden Sunrise tea, that have turmeric in them. Just add hot water!

5.. Supplemental form: if you aren't getting it through cooking or juicing, then take it through supplements. Again, taste is best. I prefer TURMERO, a liquid turmeric, but capsule turmeric at any natural foods store, especially with BLACK PEPPER to increase absorption rate, will help with the benefits of turmeric.