An Olympic marathoner was hit in the head by hail, inside of Walmart on Thursday night.

The incident happened around 10 p.m. at the Colorado Springs Walmart on Space Drive. There were reports of tennis ball sized hail in the area.

The Olympic athlete, Tiidrek Nurme, came from Estonia to train in the Springs. He has been in Colorado since June 15.

Nurme was trying to find a gift for his son late Thursday night, when he heard a loud banging sound from the roof.

“I thought it was normal because I’m not a local in Colorado,” said Nurme.

When the hailstorm broke the roof of Walmart, he knew the storm was far from normal.

“Suddenly I saw some pieces from the roof started to fall and the people were scared, children were screaming, and adults were trying to calm down their children,” said Nurme. “Then suddenly, the hail came inside the building and I got hit by some pieces”.

After Nurme got hit with hail, he grabbed a nearby box to cover his head. He says the store was under attack in every corner.

“I just took a Lego box and I covered my head and tried to escape from the dangerous areas,” said Nurme. “So did other people. They just took something from the shop and covered their heads”.

Luckily, Nurme was not injured by the indoor hail storm. However, he did capture some video from the incident.

He will leave for Rio next week.

A Walmart assistant manager says some skylights were broken by the hail, but it was open again on Friday.