You can help make sure every girl and boy has a toy this holiday season. 9NEWS is partnering with the Denver Santa Claus Shop to collect donations.

They can be dropped during the 9Cares Colorado Share Drive between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., on November 18.

This year they plan to help 14,000 children who otherwise might not have a toy to open on Christmas morning. You're encouraged to donate new and "gently used" toys for children from newborn through 11 years old.

"We really have a lot of success with the basics," said Lauren Crist-Fulk, board president of the Denver Santa Claus shop. "Things like trucks, dolls, books, a lot of those simple toys really have a great impact."

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Those donations will be set up in a warehouse in December where parents can "shop" for their children. They're provided a 100 point gift certificate for each child. Toys are valued from 5 points to 100 points.

"Every family receives 100 points per child and they can come in and use them as they see fit," said Crist-Fulk. "So if they really want one big gift, then they may use all 100 points on it, but they may also pick a smaller truck and be able to get some stocking stuffers or items like that. And then as they walk out the door every child is given a free book."

Below are some suggestions for toys that work best.

  • Dolls – Barbie, Dora, Bratz, African-American, Native-American & Hispanic dolls; extra outfits (no porcelain or cloth dolls)
  • Books – paperback & hardcover
  • New coloring books, crayons, workbooks
  • Toy trucks & cars – all sizes, metal or plastic, model kits
  • Board games & puzzles – new or in good condition with all parts and pieces
  • Craft kits – new only – bead sets, weaving looms, yarn, knitting needles & crochet hooks, art sets, jewelry-making, etc.
  • Infant & Toddler toys and dolls – prefer new ones
  • Construction toys – prefer new – building blocks, Legos, Tinker Toys, etc.
  • Balls – regulation size soccer, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs
  • Girls’ toys – tea sets, hair play, jewelry, etc.

"It really helps parents because they're able to give their child what their child wants and what they think it best for their child," said Crist-Fulk. "I also think it adds dignity to the process. I had a mother call me last year and as I explained the process she tearfully said I didn't know how I was going to make the holidays happen. Now she's able to come to the shop and select what toys are best for her child."

Donations can be dropped off during the 9Cares Colorado Shares Drive. If you can't make it there, donations will be accepted until December 5 at Denver Mattress locations and Larry H Miller car dealerships.

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9NEWS will be at the following locations:

  • 9NEWS Studios (Speer & Logan)
  • Inverness Hotel & Golf Club (East of I-25 and Dry Creek)
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  • Pima Medical Institute (Mississippi & Potomac)
  • American Furniture Warehouse (I-25 & 84th)