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October 9Teacher Who Cares winner: Karen Robinson

NORTHGLENN - Fourth grade teacher Karen Robinson says if your students love you, then they are going to love what you teach them, and it opens their hearts.She practices what she preaches.It's just one reason Mrs. Robinson is our October 9Teacher Who Cares winner.

At both schools - her students have taken part in "Froggy Fridays." It's a program that allowsthe students to interact with their "grands," short for grandparents.Not their real grandparents, but rather theiradopted grandparents who live atalocal senior center.It's called "Froggy Friday" because the kids visit the "grands" or write letters to them on some Fridays.Robinson says the lesson is that some people may look "froggy" on the outside, but are a prince or princess on the inside.

"The grands know the value of looking beyond the surface and seeing thetalents and abilities of each student," Robinson said. "And we have so much to learn from our seniors."Some of the parents of her students say she is such a great teacher because she cares so much.

"You entrust your children with their teachers such a big chunk of their lives every year,nine months of their lives, and its just amazing how Karen really grows them. Not only as students, but as people - little people," parent Stacey Ray said.

Robinson has a passion for teaching not only class lessons, but life's lessons. Her students may not even know it yet, but it will help shape their futures. Congratulations to Karen Robinson, our October winner of the 9Teachers Who Care award./>