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Teacher makes history come to life

Pagosa Springs is a tight-knit community.


Pagosa Springs is a tight-knit community.

Pagosa Springs Middle School is a smaller school, which means a teacher like Scott White can have many passions. He's a coach. He's in charge of the Junior National Honor Society. He's in charge of the student council. But his true passion is to teach kids about American history in a way they can easily understand.

It's this kind of dedication that has made him stand out with his colleagues and students.

Whether it's remembering this country's veterans or taking a trip to our nation's capital, he says making history matter to students is important.

"I want students to see the incredible story of our country," White said.

He feels small towns have their advantages, like randomly running into students and their parents at the grocery store.

"It's one of the most important things in these kids' lives to be able to see that there's so much more to the world than just Pagosa Springs," White said.

He wants his students to reach their full potential.