At Denver’s St. Joseph Hospital, volunteers are the lifeblood of the operation.

And one volunteer stands out for who she is. She is the one who stocks candy at the gift shop.

The one who loves interacting with patients and their families.

The one who raised a million dollars for the hospital’s endowment fund.

She is Polly Coleman of Broomfield, one of our 9Who Care winners.

Oh, and did I mention – Polly is a very “young” 90 years old!

Polly has been volunteering at St. Joseph Hospital for 26 years.

During that time, she also served as president of a statewide volunteer organization.

As president, and at her own expense – she visited every hospital in Colorado to see how the organization could help them.

People that know her say Polly comes to the job everyday with nothing but heart.

They say she’s a natural leader, and leads with dignity, grace and humor.

For all she does to help people, many who are having a very tough time – we congratulate Polly Coleman for being a 9Who Care Award Winner.