KUSA - March's 9Who Care honoree is Leisa Carson, who runs a veterinary clinic out of Windsor and volunteers after hours with 4-H students.

Carson is a lover of animals, with many rescue cats at her Vets Animal Hospital. A visit there will show you that she's also a lover of kids. Pictures of kids with various animals adorn the walls of the clinic.

"Everyone always says, 'Are these your kids?' Only two of these are my kids. The rest of these are kinda like my foster kids," Carson said.

When Carson leaves work, she never really stops working. One night in late February, 9NEWS met with her as she volunteered to teach dog training to a group of kids at The Ranch in Loveland.

"It's just so worth it to see the kids. It's worth it to see that smile on their face, when they succeed at something," Carson said.

She runs a group called Bits and Pieces - appropriately named, since the kids get to do a bit of everything. They raise and feed cows that Carson keeps on her own property. The kids work on projects like teddy bears and hats and then donate them to area hospitals. She even helps 4-H kids train their dogs.

"I've never met a person do so much for kids. She's amazing," Jennifer Wildman, one of the children's parents, said.

Wildman nominated Carson for the 9Who Care award.

"Amazing. She's amazing. I don't know how she does it all," Wildman said.

How Carson finds the time is a wonder in itself. Why she does it all, though, makes sense.

"Instead of being all about, just what's best for me, it's what's best for everybody else, and how can we help and how can we make a difference," Carson said about what she wants the kids to learn.

She says she loves the 4-H program and loves giving back.

"If we were all a little more like her, we would take care of everybody," Wildman said.

If you want to nominate someone for a 9Who Care award, visit the following webpage: http://on9news.tv/dVgcj4.