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January 9Who Care honoree: Leroy Holm

KUSA - This month's 9Who Care winner is a big bear of a man with a gentle heart, who inspires young people in Greeley to do better.

Leroy Holm is a man who gets a kick out of being around people.

"I've never met a stranger," Holm said.

A car salesman by trade, Holm spends much of his free time volunteering.

"I'm involved in the American Legion. I'm involved in the Lyon's Club," he explained."I'm one of Santa's helpers when I can."

He has spent the last 16 years, 13 of themin the same classroom, volunteering with Junior Achievement in Greeley.

"Leroy brings a heart for kids and he has a way of engaging the students so they feel special,"according toJoy Nyenhuis, the Program Manager for Junior Achievement in Northern Colorado.

"There are hundreds of students and folks that have grown up in this community that have been touched by Leroy."

The kids he teaches describe him as cool and a very nice guy. Holm says he gets back as much as he gives when he helps youngsters learn about the world of work. He'dlike to continue his work with Junior Achievement for as long as he can.