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Volunteer's work goes beyond number-crunching

Meet a woman who volunteered to do accounting ... and she's really making a difference! 

As Judy Ganschaw records donations while sitting at the desk that she shares with another staffer at Dominican Home Health Care (they take turns), she can’t help but smile when asked about why she’s spent three years volunteering at the small nonprofit.

“If it didn’t make me happy, I wouldn’t be here,” Ganschaw said with a smile. “Life’s too short to work at something you’re not enjoying!”

Judy really does enjoy her volunteer work. When she retired as an accountant, she searched for a place that could use her skills. As it happens, Dominican Home Health had just lost its accountant.

“I always say God sends things from heaven,” said Ingrid Wicker, the director of operations at Dominican Home Health, which provides free in-home health care to the sick, poor and elderly.

“They are struggling to survive. And, oftentimes, what goes lacking is their healthcare,” Ganschaw said.

So keeping the non-profit afloat financially is essential. Judy has helped to do that with her savvy accounting skills. It’s just one of the reasons she was chosen to win a 9 Who Care award.

“Judy came at a time that we were struggling financially,” Wicker said. “She has taught us new ways to do things that save the organization money.”

The work that Ganschaw does makes it possible for the non-profit to pay nurses to care for those in-need, in the comfort of their own homes.

“Doing the nursing. Bathing the patient. Taking food to them… Blood pressure checks, diabetes checks,” Ganschaw lists among the nurses’ duties.

The organization also hosts wellness clinics and loans out durable medical equipment for free.

“I’m very blessed that the good Lord lead me here,” Ganschaw said.

Dominican Home Health was founded in 1923 by a group of Dominican nuns who moved from New York to Denver to help those in need. That mission continues… but with people like Judy at the helm.

“We thank the good Lord every day for our health, our friends, our family and the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life,” she said.