Buddy Check9 is a program that encourages people to find a ‘buddy’ to call and remind him/her to get screened or checked for a cancer or illness.

On the ninth of every month, we will highlight a different cancer or illness: symptoms, treatments and prevention.

A buddy can be a family member, colleague or friend. With education and resources, we hope to empower individuals when dealing with their health.

We will include news, digital and social platforms to share information every month.

Please watch on the 9th of every month.


January – Cervical Cancer

February – Heart Disease

March – Colorectal Cancer

April – Oral, Neck, Head and Thyroid Cancer

May - Skin Cancer

June - Prostate and Testicular Cancer

July – Bladder Cancer

August - Childhood Cancer

September - Ovarian

October - Breast

November – Lung Cancer

December – Pancreatic Cancer

A special thanks goes to the 9Health Fair and the Colorado Cancer Coalition.