DENVER - It is a loss that is both devastating and life-altering: the death of a child.

It may be a miscarriage, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), or even Sudden Unexpected Death of a Child (SUDC).

For couples and families grieving the unthinkable, Angel Eyes (formerly the Colorado SIDS program) offers free professional bereavement counseling, a support group, peer connections, and community referrals to those in need.

The services are offered to adults, children, and couples who are searching to find meaning after the devastating loss of their precious infant or toddler. Angel Eyes helps those grieving get through the trauma, redefine who they are and find the path to recovery.

Angel Eyes provides bereavement services in all cases of sudden, unexpected infant and toddler death with the only exception being cases where there is parental involvement in the criminal justice system (e.g., homicides, assault, criminal neglect) as a result of the death.

Jamie Crain and her family got involved with Angel Eyes when her youngest son, Devlin, died of SIDS in December of 2006. He was almost 5 months old and the youngest of three.

She says a few days after Delvin’s death, Angel Eyes called to see if we wanted to join their support group and that call changed their grief journey.

Jamie and her husband met other people who were going through similar pain and confusion. They talked about how to deal with the hard questions their other children might have and how to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

For Jamie’s family, the events for Angel Eyes have become a celebration and a chance to re-connect with lifelong friends.

You can help the efforts of Angel Eyes by participating in Suds for SIDS on March 10. All of the services are provided for families and the community are free of charge.

When: Saturday, March 10th, 2018 from 6:00 PM — 10:00 PM

Where: Space Gallery | 400 S. Santa Fe Drive in Denver

Check out this link for more helpful information

$40 for participant

$20 for designated driver

$20 with active military ID (to be shown at the door)

$45 for walk-ups