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City sidewalk repair in Denver must be paid by the residents

In many areas throughout Denver, sidewalks are nearly unusable. The city is about to make repairs - and about to charge homeowners for the costs.

When Mariah Ehlert got a letter saying she'll have to pay to repair or replace the concrete sidewalk slabs outside her home, she said she felt frustrated.

Frustrated not because she doesn't want to improve the sidewalks, but because she said she doesn't think it should be her job to pay for it.

"I think it's great that they're taking care of problems, that's good," she said. "The part that's frustrating is this is city property and we're responsible for it."

As part of the Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program, the city is making sure they fix any cracks or crevices too. So far, only a few residents on the west side of Sherman Street north of Alameda have gotten the notices.

Denver Public Works said the city will give residents 45 days to fix the sidewalks themselves, and if they don't, the city will fix it and bill the homeowners.

Before these inspections, it was still the property owners' responsibility to fix the walkways under a city ordinance, but the city relied on neighbors to complain.

"I personally submitted a sidewalk repair request in 2011," said Chris Hinds, a candidate for City Council.

Hinds said it took eight months before the part of the sidewalk he complained about was fixed, and so he's not sure the 45-day timeline will work. He uses a wheelchair for mobility and said he feels the bumps every day.

"They do particularly impact me but it isn't a disability issue, it's a Denver issue," he said.