9NEWS and the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation have once again joined forces to recognize outstanding leaders in our community. After much deliberation and review of an impressive group of nominees, the three finalists are:

• Stephanie Donner, chief legal and people officer for Galvanize

• Greg Greenwood, co-founder and CEO of Colorado Thought Leaders Forum and executive director of Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado

• James Iacino, president and CEO of Seattle Fish Co.

"After more than 16 years of recognizing leadership that makes a difference in the lives of others while having meaningful impact on the development of our community, 9NEWS is thrilled with these three individuals. Colorado is rich with talent and we are committed to celebrating extraordinary leadership with this annual award," said Lynne Valencia, 9NEWS vice president of community relations.

“Our three finalists each represent what we value as a business community – what’s part of Colorado’s Civic DNA,” said Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation Executive Director Dan Lewis. “They all have shown that their approach to business translates into how they have made our community even stronger. They are collaborative, inclusive, have vision, are responsible to their community and have found opportunities to lead from where they stand.”

Stephanie Donner is dedicated to creating connected communities where individuals from diverse backgrounds and with varying skillsets can gain access to resources and education. She believes in the importance of empowering others – those who lack opportunities, who desire more and, especially, women here in Colorado and across the world. As the chief legal and people officer for Galvanize, Donner leads by example by bringing together teams of talented individuals with diverse viewpoints who collaborate for innovative change. Her previous experience working for Gov. John Hickenlooper and leading the flood recovery effort for the state of Colorado has shaped her leadership approach, which continues to inspire those around her. Read more about Donner’s vision for Denver and her commitment to local causes: http://denverchamberblog.org/2017/02/9news-leader-of-the-year-finalist-stephanie-donner-empowers-others-through-education-and-opportunity/

For Greg Greenwood, leadership starts and ends with serving others. From mentoring youth to building networks for business owners, Greenwood has a knack for bridging gaps and bringing people together to achieve a greater good. After many years of serial entrepreneurship, Greenwood has settled into the next phase of his career and serves as the co-founder and CEO of Colorado Thought Leaders Forum, an organization bringing actionable, timely, value-rich content to the Colorado business community. He also dedicates much of his time to making valuable connections between business owners through his work with the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado. His passion for giving back is inherent in all that he does and all that he imparts on those whose lives he touches. Read more about Greenwood’s style of “leading from the back": http://denverchamberblog.org/2017/02/9news-leader-of-the-year-finalist-greg-greenwood-leads-through-service/

Driven by a desire to give back to the community that has supported his family since the founding of Seattle Fish Co. in 1918, James Iacino stands behind his company’s vision of sustainably feeding people and communities. As the president and CEO of Seattle Fish Co., Iacino has developed a culture of giving within his company and inspiring his employees to support an overarching vision while finding a personally meaningful path to giving back. Often described as a visionary leader, Iacino has lead Seattle Fish Co. to unprecedented growth over the last five years all while continuing to “give until it hurts” to causes that work toward sustainable, positive community impact. Read more about James’ passion for bringing people together to create positive change: http://denverchamberblog.org/2017/02/9news-leader-of-the-year-finalist-james-iacino-builds-on-history-feeds-the-future/

For the second year, alumni of the Leadership Foundation’s programs will select the winner of the 9NEWS Leader of the Year award through an online voting process. If you are an alumnus of one of the Leadership Foundation’s many programs, please cast your vote today! http://www.denverleadership.org/leading-colorado-voting/ Voting will be open until 5 p.m. on Friday, March 17.

This year’s winner will be announced live at the Leadership Foundation’s annual Leading Colorado luncheon on Tuesday, March 21. This event shines a light on extraordinary leadership in the community while raising scholarship funds to support emerging leaders who want to further develop their skills and use them to make the community better for all. For more information about the event and this year’s 9NEWS Leader of the Year Award - http://www.denverleadership.org/leadershipluncheon/