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Too much Halloween candy? How to donate it to a good cause

There are a lot of ways to donate extra Halloween candy to the military, veterans and first responders in Colorado.
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Is the sugar crash after Halloween hitting a little hard?

And now you're left with piles of candy that you're not sure you want to continue feeding to your children (or yourself) for the next month?

There are ways to get rid of it while supporting a great cause.

Here are some ideas:

Soldiers' Angels Treats for Troops

Soldiers’ Angels is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting active-duty military members, their families and veterans. For their annual Treats for Troops program, the organization collects extra Halloween candy and then ships it to deployed service members around the world and distributes it to VA Hospitals. They are hoping to collect 17,000 pounds of candy this year. There are three sites in the Denver metro area where you can drop off candy for Treats for Troops: Colorado Barricade at 2295 S. Lipan St. in Denver; Super Cuts at 10005 Grant St. in Thornton; and Smile High Dental Care at 10311 Washington St. in Thornton.

Search for a collection site near you or register your business to collect candy: on9news.tv/2zljvLf

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Started in 2005, the Halloween Candy Buy Back is a simple concept that works. Businesses, traditionally dental offices, offer to exchange money, coupons or other items for extra candy. They then partner with military and veteran-focused non-profits to donate that candy. Dozens of dentists and orthodontists around Colorado are participating in the buyback this year.

Find locations and learn more: on9news.tv/2SEBgxH

Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Give-Back

Operation Gratitude’s mission is to thank every American who serves – military and first responders – through care packages. In each care package, Operation Gratitude sends, they include a handful of candy, much of which comes from their popular Halloween Candy Give-Back. You can either drop off your candy at an established collection site (there are lots of locations throughout Colorado) or sign up as a volunteer to collect candy. Once donated, the candy is distributed to veterans, first responders and deployed troops.

Search the maps for a drop-off location near you or sign-up to collect: on9news.tv/2AFHHts.