ID=16392335KUSA – This week leading up to Race for the Cure we are focusing on amazing women who have conquered, are fighting, or who have been touched by breast cancer. They say they're sharing their stories to help other families who are fighting the disease.

Romita Wadwa

On Monday, 42- year-old Romita Wadwa shared her story. She has survived cancer twice. She was first diagnosed when she was 30, then again when she was 37.

She says the two journeys were very different. She became a superhero on her journey.

Elizabeth Wylie Johnston

On Tuesday, 48-year-old Elizabeth Wylie Johnston talked with 9NEWS. She was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2014.

She recently completed her cancer journey.

Elizabeth says she thought she had a cyst in her breast and her friend hounded her until she got a mammogram. She thought she had nothing to worry about because there was no history of breast cancer in her family.

Elizabeth says once she found out things moved rapidly. She had to trust in her doctors and her advocates to help her through the whirlwind process of treatment.

Bri Bradley

On Wednesday, 28-year-old Bri Bradley shared her story. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 24 years old.

She found the lump herself. She says every woman needs to know her body and investigate anything that seems out of the ordinary.

Antoinette Paniagua

On Thursday, Antoinette Paniagua talked to 9NEWS.

A breast cancer survivor and Nurse Navigator, Paniagua guided her patients from diagnosis through treatment.

Juliana Wierimaa

Juliana Wierimaa's mother died of breast cancer. Juliana says her mom is her superhero. And now Juliana does everything she can to fight to find a cure for breast cancer.

Rhonda Porter

Rhonda Porter is living with breast cancer. This is her second round with the disease. She says her family keeps her going and keeps her strong even when she has a bad day. She also says her support group is vital to giving her courage because they know exactly what she's going through.

Jeff Harvey

Men get breast cancer too. That's Jerry Harvey's message to people. He fought and beat breast cancer. And he says he's not normally one to say 'Hey, look at me.' But he knew after going through this he had to speak up.

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