KUSA - A little more than a week after multiple cyclists got flat tires from thumb tacks tossed on Deer Creek Canyon Road, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has a person of interest.

At least eight cyclists riding on the popular road west of Chatfield State Park were stopped in their tracks by flats. Sheriff's deputies believe hundreds of tacks were spread along the narrow two-lane roadway late July 2 or early July 3.

Cycling groups say the roadway is the source of an ongoing feud between bike riders and drivers.

Jen Barnhart and her cycling team headed out on the road around 6 a.m. Sunday, July 3rd, hoping to avoid the heat and drivers, when all of them got flat tires.

"That's where we started seeing tacks by the hundreds," she said.

They removed multiple gold thumb tacks from their wheels and spend an hour cleaning up more from the road so no one would get hurt.

"I was just really, honestly saddened that someone would endanger people to this degree in such an inhumane way. I think it's easy to just attack cyclists as a community, but I'm a mom, I'm a teacher, I'm a person. And my kids expect me to come home to them," said Barnhart.

While investigating the story, 9NEWS found a piece of the 100-count packaging the tacks came in.

"The label that you guys discovered at 9NEWS when you were out covering the story, was greatly beneficial to us," said Mark Techmeyer, spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

The small piece of green and white paper lead investigators to a JeffCo King Soopers grocery store.

"Well, they were in the King Soopers the night before and purchased a large number of thumb tacks. So, coincidence? Maybe. But perhaps not, so we'd like to clarify that," said Techmeyer.

It's not clear exactly what this man in the dark baseball cap has in his hands in the photograph, but officials are calling him a person-of-interest they'd like to speak with. They're asking for the public's help to identify him.

Person of interest in the case where thumb tacks were placed on Deer Creek Canyon Road. 
Person of interest in the case where thumb tacks were placed on Deer Creek Canyon Road. 

Barnhart said despite finding five thumb tacks in her tires during her Fourth of July weekend ride, she's not deterred and plans to head back to Deer Creek Canyon Road again soon.

"There is a way for cyclists and drivers, I think we can co-exist and I think we can make this work," she said.

If the person responsible for scattering the tacks is found, they face criminal mischief and reckless endangerment charges.

Anyone with information or who may have gotten a flat tire from this case is asked to call the JeffCo Sheriff's Office at 303-271-0211.