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Phoenix police report: Miles Dabord key suspect in Dele disappearance

PHOENIX, Arizona - The Denver Post has new details about the disappearance of former NBA player Bison Dele. The Post obtained a copy of a key Phoenix police report.

Just before he disappeared, Dele planned to cut off Dabord financially after supporting his "get- rich-quick schemes" for years, according to the police report.

The statement, attributed to Kevin Porter, Dele's personal assistant and best friend, could point to a motive for Dele's apparent murder off Tahiti in July.

Miles had a penchant for trying to get rich quick using some of Bison's money. The police report makes it look like Miles was going to be cut off financially, which may have served as his motive to commit these crimes off Tahiti, said Sean Kelly, Denver Post reporter.

Dele "was tired of always bailing Miles out of his problems and wanted Miles to take a more responsible and self-reliant approach to his life," Porter told police, according to the report.

But Porter denies he told police that, or that he and Dele, 33, had talked about cutting off support for 35-year-old Miles Dabord.

Dabord died Friday in a Chula Vista, Calif., hospital after being taken off life support. He had been in a coma for two weeks.


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