What does $900,000 buy in a Fort Collins municipal election? This past November, it was the price of a resounding loss.

The Colorado Cable Telecommunications Association alone spent $816,000 in a failed effort to defeat a measure on the November ballot that cleared the path for the city to establish its own broadband network. That spending included a final-week splurge of more than $500,000. The remaining $85,000 raised from anti-broadband group Priorities First Fort Collins came from the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce-affiliated group Citizens for a Sustainable Economy.

For comparison, the pro-municipal broadband group, Fort Collins Citizen Broadband Committee, raised and spent just more than $15,000 in the course of the election.

The measure, which gave the city voter approval to establish a telecommunications utility supported by up to $150 million in bond funding, passed with 57 percent of the vote. All told, as pro-broadband committee member Colin Garfield points out, the anti-city broadband group spent about $55 per each vote against the measure.

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