KUSA - Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) got himself into a bind by telling two different stories about the failed GOP plan to replace Obamacare.

Buck’s a member of the freedom caucus, the group of Right-wing Republicans who derailed one of President Trump's biggest campaign promises. Members didn't think the ACA replacement bill was conservative enough.

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The President blasted many in the freedom caucus, but praised Buck for an op-ed he wrote saying he supported the bill.

But that’s a very different story than the one Buck told us right after the bill got yanked off the house floor with no vote.

"I was not completely sold on the bill,” Buck said in an audio interview with 9NEWS.

NBC political director Chuck Todd weighed in on Buck’s two different versions of his own position on the bill.

“That is not a comfortable place to be when essentially you can go to the audio tape and show two different things,” Todd said. “If you’re the White House though, you are desperate for anybody from that freedom caucus to say good things.”

Todd added that Buck’s discomfort in bucking President Trump doesn’t seem to be shared by many of his fellow freedom caucus members.

“The White House is probably hoping there are more Ken Bucks out there. So far it doesn’t look like there are,” Todd said.


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