We wouldn't be surprised if you thought the health care conversation was on hold after the Senate failed to repeal, repeal and replace or "skinny repeal" ObamaCare.

We really wouldn't be surprised if you thought that after President Trump tweeted, "…let ObamaCare implode, then deal" on July 28, after the third failed Senate vote. Yet, members of Colorado's congressional delegation are still working on a fix.

Congress is off through August, so our representatives are back in their home districts. Republican Rep. Mike Coffman held an in-person town hall (cough, Sen. Cory Gardner, cough) on Tuesday. He got an earful on both sides about health care. Coffman joined us to talk health care for Balance of Power.

So did Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette, who also talked with us about her role in asking the NFL why it hasn't spent $18 million on brain injury research and what she knows about the investigation into a former IT staffer that worked for her and a handful of other Democratic representatives.