There will be no special session in Colorado—at least not for now.

The leaders of both chambers of the state legislature sat down together on Balance of Power and shared their thoughts on the lingering battle over road funding.

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Sen. Kevin Grantham (R-Senate President) defended his decision to try for a compromise measure in the regular session to ask voters for more sales tax money for roads, but also said that he’s glad Gov. Hickenlooper decided not call a special session.

Rep. Crisanta Duran (D-Speaker) emphasized the need to address the issue soon.

Both lawmakers also talked about the past week’s news out of Washington, with Grantham embracing President Donald Trump’s assertion that the probe into ties between his campaign and Russia amounts to a “witch hunt.”

“Finding out the truth is fine, but as witch hunts go, they generally are pretty one-sided,” Grantham said. “What special counsel, and what special investigations haven’t been?”

“I’m thankful that there is an independent investigation that’s happening now,” Duran said. “I think there should also be an independent commission.”

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