Ryan Frazier isn’t down for the count, but after winning a court ruling to stay in the Republican primary for US Senate, he has to remind voters he’s still an option.

Frazier, speaking with 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark on Balance of Power, insists his campaign isn’t dead in the water after the legal wrangling, but ramping up for the stretch run.

“That question’s resolved. We’re on the ballot. Votes are going to count,” Frazier said. “Now we’ve got to get out there and talk about what Colorado cares about.”

Frazier acknowledges he’s fielded questions from voters about whether he’s still in the race. Not a good position for any candidate in any campaign year. But he says his supporters and donors didn’t flee while he fought the Secretary of State’s office to have his petition signatures upheld.

“We know exactly where we stand and we’re in a very strong position.” Frazier said.

Frazier entered the race with the release of internal polling numbers that showed him with high name identification, perhaps a residual effect of his time on air at 9NEWS as a political analyst.

Clark asked him why he hasn’t released newer polling unless those numbers paint a grim picture.

“We don’t want our primary opponents to know exactly where we stand because right now they’re beating up on each other quite a bit and that’s fine,” Frazier said.

It’s true. Robert Blaha, Jack Graham, Darryl Glenn, and Jon Keyser have exchanged barbs while directing few at Frazier. A sign, perhaps, that they don’t view him as a threat.

That’s fine, Frazier said.

“Anyone who doesn’t know the amount of support we have around the state, you’d be fooling yourself,” he said.

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Frazier stopped short of saying that Jon Keyser, who has hunkered down in face of media criticism for his handling of allegedly forged signatures on his petitions, should drop out of the race.

“The way Jon has handled this has been a distraction,” Frazier said. “He, quite frankly, needs to show leadership, in whatever that means to him.”

Frazier is not the only moderate Republican wobbling along a dangerous tightrope named Trump this year.

“I want someone I can work with. Can I work with Trump? That’s to be determined,” Frazier acknowledged.

“I don’t think the guy is a bad guy,” Frazier said. “I don’t agree with some of the things he’s said, but I will tell you this, whether it’s a Republican president or whether it’s a Democrat president, I will stand with them when I believe they are in the right and I will stand against them when I believe they are wrong.”

Questions about Trump caused a quick pivot to a lesser-of-two-evils argument, and the core of Frazier’s complaint about incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet, that he hasn’t been a forceful leader for change.

“I have my reservations about Trump,” Frazier said. “But, God forbid, a corrupt Hillary Clinton colluding with a do-nothing Michael Bennet would be one of the worst things Colorado could ask for, and frankly, we deserve better.”