Robert Blaha is counting on voters in Colorado’s Republican US Senate primary wanting some of the same fight and fire that propelled Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz deep into the party’s presidential primary.

Blaha was among the three candidates on the five-man primary ballot that had to fight the Secretary of State’s office in court to get their petition signatures accepted. Secretary of State Wayne Williams acknowledges errors were made. Blaha has called for his resignation, the only candidate in the race to do so.

On Sunday’s Balance of Power, 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark asked Blaha if his sometimes brash style is the result of a temper.

“If I see something that needs to be called out, I'll call it out,” Blaha said. “If people want a US Senator who will take it to that level, that will speak out, that's bold, that's not intimidated by the issues, that's really what I'm about.”

Blaha says his move to endorse Donald Trump, the first in the field to do so, was not a matter of deep affinity for Trump nor political calculus. Blaha, who had supported Senator Ted Cruz, says it was simply a fulfillment of his pledge to support the consensus nominee.

Cruz appears a role model of sorts for Blaha, ideologically and stylistically.

In fact, when asked whether he’d model his first term in the Senate after the outspoken Cruz, who clashed with colleagues, or the more reserved Gardner, who’s hewn closely to Senate traditions that favor seniority, Blaha pointed to Cruz.

“I’m closer to the Ted Cruz model,” Blaha said. “Because when I talk to Coloradoans, what I hear is we’re upside down, we want a different cut of individual and we want someone who will go in and do things as opposed to make it a career.”

The winner of the Republican primary will face incumbent Senator Michael Bennet, a Democrat from Denver.

Blaha brushed off the recent resignation of his campaign manager, Katey Price, as the normal ebb and flow of a campaign.

“We’re on strategy. We’re on message. We’ve moving toward winning this thing and getting into the fray with the Senator,” Blaha said.

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