This is a special edition of Balance of Power. Today, we're discussing Proposition 106, the "Colorado End-of-Life Options Act," with both sides.

It is a complicated, emotionally-charged issue for supporters and opponents.

Proposition 106 seeks to open access to medical aid-in-dying medication.

The bill would allow Colorado residents who are at least 18 years old, determined by two physicians to be both mentally competent and terminally ill, to request medication to end their lives.

Both physicians must determine a patient has six months or less to live.

Patients would have to voluntarily request the medication and self-administer the lethal dose.
Proposition 106 also creates a class 2 felony for coercing or tampering with a patient's request for the medication.

Joining us Friday are Carrie Ann Lucas of a group called "Not Dead Yet," she is against the bill, and Julie Selsberg a citizen supporter of the measure.

For detailed information on the bill, including the language of the law and the state's summary and analysis, click here.

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