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Central Georgians sound off after 2nd voting bill passes through state legislature

This year's legislative session has brought the 2020 election results to the forefront with multiple voting bills on the table. On Monday, the Senate passed one.

MACON, Ga. — For the second time in one week, Georgia legislators passed a bill that could change how voters cast their ballots for years to come.

This week, it was Senate Bill 241, and it limits absentee voting to people 65 and older, people with physical disabilities and people who will be out of town on Election Day, including the military. 

It would also require an ID for those who are able to vote absentee.

"This is an absolute wonderful thing for the simple fact that it's making people accountable," says Phil Matheny of Eatonton.

"To think that people were OK with it was what shocked me. Surprised there haven't been more people going, 'What is this? Why are we doing this? How is this legal?'" says Laurel Cordell from Warner Robins.

Matheny says it's a necessary change.

"You've got to have an ID to do anything in this country. You got to have an ID to drive, got to have an ID to get into a club, got to have an ID to buy a pack of cigarettes, so why shouldn't you have to have an ID to vote?" he says.

Cordell says she voted absentee herself in the November election because of the pandemic and people should always have that option.

"To me, reducing availability to legally vote based on your schedule or your availability or your ability to do anything is suppression," she says.

The bill passed along party lines, with a vote of 29 to 20.