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Colorado growers: Farm aid is more like band-aid

Colorado farmers want a long-term solution to retaliatory tariffs
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KUSA — President Trump’s plan to give $12 billion to farmers impacted by retaliatory tariffs is not satisfying all growers in Colorado.

“To a producer that’s been impacted greatly by the tariff situation it’s really a band-aid,” said Kim Reddin, Colorado Corn Communications Director.

The President announced the emergency aid Tuesday morning. It is meant to help farmers across the country who are hit by foreign countries’ response to U.S. tariffs. The Colorado Corn Growers Association said in a statement that ‘producers have been treated unfairly by China’s illegal trade practices and taken a disproportionate hit with illegal retaliatory tariffs.’

Farmers in Colorado are taking a wait and see approach. When and how much money a farmer gets will be decided once the specific crops’ harvest comes along.

“Will it be helpful yes, but how helpful?” Reddin asked. “We don’t really know exactly how these programs will be implemented. It makes it really hard for us to make any speculation.”

While Colorado Corn is thankful the administration is taking action, the group said farmers in our state need a long-term fix.

“Growers really want, not an aid package or assistance,” Reddin said. “What they’d really prefer is market driven demand where they can go to the marketplace and sell their crop.”

Reddin told us Colorado Corn plans to work with the USDA to achieve better trade deals and get access to better markets.

“Growers really do want a long-term solution that will give them the access to export markets in a fair trade situation,” Reddin said.

Democratic Senator Michael Bennet expressed a similar feeling. He called the solution ‘insane’ in a tweet Tuesday.

Republican Senator Cory Gardner has not released a statement as of Tuesday evening.

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